All about HIM…

I don’t know what it was about him,
Like… like a rainbow drawn on rainy skies,
Like promises of hope and untold lies.

He was all that one could get,
From those ’11:11 wishes’,
And through fate we met.

With that wit and humour, he stole my heart away;
His scent which felt just like home from the very first day.

His smile, the heavenly blend of innocence and tease,
Just like the soothing waves and the blaring breeze.

His voice became my favourite song,
The kind I’d love to listen all day;
To make my heart smile for long,
and make everything just okay.

How could anyone not fall in love with him!
With the words he says, the essence of care;
The way he looks,
And the silent moments we share.

I promise him that I won’t ever let go,
From the highest highs, even to the lowest low.


Among that silence…

Have you ever tried to listen silence
Amidst the soft wind or the roaring waves,
Beneath the light of the shining stardusts;
Or within those souls made of flames.

It tells us beautiful tales,
The things which were left unsaid;
Those letters which were torn and burnt,
And some which still remain unread.

It’s that forgiveness which was never given;
And a “sorry” said too late,
Which could have saved the two,
If they had known it could not wait.

It’s that “I love you” which was left unspoken;
Those beautiful tales of the heart which was left broken.
It’s those secrets that could heal,
With the truths and lies of how they feel.

It’s that good- bye which was said too soon,
That breath taken away under the cold moon.

With those Promises which were never kept…
It was the heart which never felt.

It’s just, that forever which couldn’t last;

The hate,
the love,
and the untamed past.


Within his eyes…

He had wonderful eyes.

Not the type which drowns you in,
But the type which makes you feel a little more alive.

The ones which look cold;
But deep inside, give warmth.

They were beautiful.
They made me feel beautiful.

But beneath those eyes, I could see emotions,
Or the things which he never told.
Some fears, some regrets.

The silence narrated stories,
With the soft roaring waves.
It held some secrets, some lies.

Something that was imperfectly perfect.

I found a ‘something’ in his ‘nothing’.
Something which I needed to hold on.
Some fears, some tears,
And some illusion!


Who do I love more…!?

“…Who do you love more: Mom or Dad?”

This is what I was asked, when I was a kid;
I would shrug my shoulders as each child would have did.

It was my innocent mind,
And this little heart being kind;
Got a bit confused and bewildered,
Still asked “Both of them! Can this be considered?”

But then, with each passing day,
I discovered they were both special in each and every way.

With both of them standing for me, determined and strong,
There couldn’t be any situation which would ever go wrong.

They nurtured and protected me and taught me with great care;
And everytime I’ve needed them,
They both would always be there.

Making my life so beautiful and filling it with joy,
Where each and every moment is worth and sorrow is what they destroy.

Now today answering that question I can confirmly say:

“Words can never explain how I feel about you,
But I hope you know that I truly love you two!”


The irony of love

“Always?” She asked.
“Forever.” He said.

How strange:
We want a forever,
In a world that has an ending.

We want to be loved,
Knowing our heart would be broken…
Yet once again.

So there then she lies,
A little blur in her eyes;
With a scar of her past,
It’s the memories which only last.

Her smile been wonderfully painted,
Telling beautiful lies;
And you can see it all,
Just look into her eyes.

But still, love hits you hard…
And then, it’s there to break you apart!


Beautiful, but strange…

I don’t miss him,
I miss the person I thought he was.

Everything was so beautiful, but strange.

Somewhere beneath his smile,
And with just a shine in his eyes;
I still remember the unbroken ties.

From his promises and laughters,
To the warmth of his soul;
The depth of his voice and him as a whole!

I guess it was just his existence,
The bond we both shared;
How it all started but distance is what prevailed.

But today, there’s nothing I regret.
I just curse that day when we met.

My heart still asks that one melancholy question;
And I wonder what I dread more,

The echo or the answer!


I call her “My Mum”

It all started in her lap that day,
When I cried and she smiled away;
Close to her heart, she held me there
To give a glimpse of life and a touch of care.

She was the one with a hand to lend;
Right from our start, down till her end;

Her love being like the moonlight song,
Turning harsh things to beauty for long;

More than just my friend, my mentor, my guide
I call her “my mum”, and she is my real pride.

But I fear that day,
When ‘my colours’ will turn grey;
No one to hold me high,
Deep inside a silent cry.

No matter what, she will always be in my heart,
In every memory and never far apart.

Cause she is the only one and we all call her our mother
Like whom, you’ll find no other!