Who do I love more…!?

“…Who do you love more: Mom or Dad?”

This is what I was asked, when I was a kid;
I would shrug my shoulders as each child would have did.

It was my innocent mind,
And this little heart being kind;
Got a bit confused and bewildered,
Still asked “Both of them! Can this be considered?”

But then, with each passing day,
I discovered they were both special in each and every way.

With both of them standing for me, determined and strong,
There couldn’t be any situation which would ever go wrong.

They nurtured and protected me and taught me with great care;
And everytime I’ve needed them,
They both would always be there.

Making my life so beautiful and filling it with joy,
Where each and every moment is worth and sorrow is what they destroy.

Now today answering that question I can confirmly say:

“Words can never explain how I feel about you,
But I hope you know that I truly love you two!”