All about HIM…

I don’t know what it was about him,
Like… like a rainbow drawn on rainy skies,
Like promises of hope and untold lies.

He was all that one could get,
From those ’11:11 wishes’,
And through fate we met.

With that wit and humour, he stole my heart away;
His scent which felt just like home from the very first day.

His smile, the heavenly blend of innocence and tease,
Just like the soothing waves and the blaring breeze.

His voice became my favourite song,
The kind I’d love to listen all day;
To make my heart smile for long,
and make everything just okay.

How could anyone not fall in love with him!
With the words he says, the essence of care;
The way he looks,
And the silent moments we share.

I promise him that I won’t ever let go,
From the highest highs, even to the lowest low.


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