Among that silence…

Have you ever tried to listen silence
Amidst the soft wind or the roaring waves,
Beneath the light of the shining stardusts;
Or within those souls made of flames.

It tells us beautiful tales,
The things which were left unsaid;
Those letters which were torn and burnt,
And some which still remain unread.

It’s that forgiveness which was never given;
And a “sorry” said too late,
Which could have saved the two,
If they had known it could not wait.

It’s that “I love you” which was left unspoken;
Those beautiful tales of the heart which was left broken.
It’s those secrets that could heal,
With the truths and lies of how they feel.

It’s that good- bye which was said too soon,
That breath taken away under the cold moon.

With those Promises which were never kept…
It was the heart which never felt.

It’s just, that forever which couldn’t last;

The hate,
the love,
and the untamed past.


The irony of love

“Always?” She asked.
“Forever.” He said.

How strange:
We want a forever,
In a world that has an ending.

We want to be loved,
Knowing our heart would be broken…
Yet once again.

So there then she lies,
A little blur in her eyes;
With a scar of her past,
It’s the memories which only last.

Her smile been wonderfully painted,
Telling beautiful lies;
And you can see it all,
Just look into her eyes.

But still, love hits you hard…
And then, it’s there to break you apart!


Beautiful, but strange…

I don’t miss him,
I miss the person I thought he was.

Everything was so beautiful, but strange.

Somewhere beneath his smile,
And with just a shine in his eyes;
I still remember the unbroken ties.

From his promises and laughters,
To the warmth of his soul;
The depth of his voice and him as a whole!

I guess it was just his existence,
The bond we both shared;
How it all started but distance is what prevailed.

But today, there’s nothing I regret.
I just curse that day when we met.

My heart still asks that one melancholy question;
And I wonder what I dread more,

The echo or the answer!


Finding Nepenthe!

And then it all started to fall apart but…

There’s a thing about pain
It demands to be felt;
Not just from one, but the whole human belt.

You don’t get to choose if you get hurt
But you have some say in who hurts you with this dirt.

Cheers to people who fear no hatred and live with this;
Cause they believe, that ignorance is bliss…
But the before pain scenario is what they all miss.

To those in this world dealing with this out there;
Suffering is life, you need to be aware.

Hopes are intact… And there’s nothing to loose
A tear or a smile, it’s you who has to choose!


The Journey Begins…

Thanks for joining me…
This is my first blog, hope you like it and appreciate the efforts!


“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter”. Hope we all have a long way to go as fellow readers.



It hurts, when you have a lot to say
But, no one who could listen.

It hurts when the world changes so fast,
When you want the moments to last,
Flashing by, they seem to be a thing of the past.

It hurts when your friends become strangers;
Strangers with some familiar memories.

It hurts… It does!!

When things are left unsaid…
When actions remain constricted…
Although changed, but yet the same!

And this feeling of emptiness,
Fills your empty heart.
You pray for this to be undone,
Coz now you have none.

But you try to find strength in silence,
Among this loneliness and your inner violence.

Coz the dark has been your forever friend,
Always had a hand to lend.
But you still have a belief;
Someone would come and get your heart a relief.

But ohh man!
Why don’t you understand,
That the marks humans leave are too often ‘scars’,
‘Coz they forget the good old time of ours.