Trash posting what I found on my notes app

It was 11.36 p.m IST. I was in my room. I got a call, with a dialing code (+1), which surely wasn't Indian. As I would have done, which is usually declining an unknown number, this time I didn't. I picked it up not knowing what was up, nothing. Rightfully I said "hello", and there… Continue reading Trash posting what I found on my notes app



She was like a sunflower,In a garden full of roses.Yet she professed a delightful power,Among that beauty, fragrance and poses. She sought her life from the sun too bright,The fear of blazing, yet finessing her fright.And when clouds struck by,She found her silvers through the black;Passing through the storms,Satiating her lack. She stood tall, Even… Continue reading Sunflower