I call her “My Mum”

It all started in her lap that day,

When I cried and she smiled away;

Close to her heart, she held me there

To give a glimpse of life and a touch of care.

She was the one with a hand to lend;

Right from our start, down till her end;

Her love being like the moonlight song,

Turning harsh things to beauty for long;

More than just my friend, my mentor, my guide

I call her “my mum”, and she is my real pride.

But I fear that day,

When ‘my colours’ will turn grey;

When she’ll not be there to hold me high,

Deep inside a silent cry.

No matter what, she will always be in my heart,

In every memory and never far apart.

Cause she is the only one and we all call her our mother…

Like whom, you’ll find no other!


How wonderful this world could be…

How wonderful this world could be,

If there were no limitations and all were free;

Without any discrimination of caste and creed,

And no one out there with humanly greed;

With happiness all around,

And grief not found;

With respect for all

And unity during the fall.

But here we see that the differences are brought,

Right from the beginning this is what we are taught;

When fat is too fat and slim is too slim,

When white is over black

And this is where we lack.

Inner beauty is not what all identify;

And looking at this, my heart’s wanna cry.

I wonder, will I ever be able to see a world…

Where there’s peace and delight,

Where we all can unite;

Where beauty is brought with a smile on each face;

Not only me, but this is the world we all would embrace.

Finding Nepenthe!

And then it all started to fall apart but…

There’s a thing about pain… 

It demands to be felt; 

Not just from one, but the whole human belt.
You don’t get to choose if you get hurt

But you have some say in who hurts you with this dirt.

Cheers to the people who fear no hatred and live with this;

Cause they believe, that ignorance is bliss…

But the before pain scenario is what they all miss.

To those in this world dealing with this out there;
Suffering is life, you need to be aware.

Hopes are intact… And there’s nothing to loose
A tear or a smile, it’s you who has to choose!

The Journey Begins…

Thanks for joining me!

My first blog, hope you like and appreciate the efforts!

“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter”. Hope we all have a long way to go as fellow readers.


 It hurts, when you have a lot to say,
But, no one who could listen.
It hurts when the world changes so fast,
When you want the moments to last,
Flashing by, they seem to be a thing of the past.
It hurts when your friends become strangers;
Strangers with some familiar memories.
It hurts… It does!!
When things are left unsaid…
When actions remain constricted…
Although changed, but yet the same!
And this feeling of emptiness,
Fills your empty heart.
You pray for this to be undone,
Coz now you have none.
But you try to find strength in silence,
Among this loneliness and your inner violence.
Coz the dark has been your forever friend,
Always had a hand to lend.
But you still have a belief;
Someone would come and get your heart a relief.
But oh man!
Why don’t you understand,
That the marks humans leave are too often ‘scars’,
‘Coz they forget the good old-time of ours.