That golden sky…

I turned the page,

It read something strange…

” … It is a chaos,
When the thunder performs;
But whatever it is,
It’s always a beautiful storm.
So maybe in another life,
I’ll make you stay;
But for this time, my warmth is in that sun’s ray! “

I stood in silence,
Beneath a shattered golden sky;
While the stars rained down like tears,
Beliveing it cannot be just a lie.
Hoping it wasn’t the ‘forever’ we were meant to have;
So I saw the sun that streaked the sky,
It healed my pain, and answered my ‘Why’.

And now it’s all those stars still yet to fall…

I knew I might burn
Because of warmth that I’ve still held on;
To find a sky, the sparkling dawn.


The morning light still stings a little,
For those hearts, that have been so brittle!

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