Every night I sit down…

Every night I sit down,
To write about you.

As the moon shines, the stars glitter and the sky with its scars watch me;
As if, an artist was about to paint a masterpiece.
I sit down, and think.

But I fail to write.
Not because I don’t have the words,
But because it wouldn’t matter to you now.
I fail to mend and heal a broken heart.

I sink in those thoughts, creating my own silhouette,
Of two lost souls just passing by,
Briskly walking away from someone they once had,
Asking each other ‘what am I to you now?’.

Among this delightful chaos,
I learned life.
I now knew what love was.

So every night I sit down,
To write about you.

Remembering a little less about me,
Loving a little more about you.

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