Beautiful, but strange…

I don’t miss him,
I miss the person I thought he was.

Everything was so beautiful, but strange.

Somewhere beneath his smile,
And with just a shine in his eyes;
I still remember the unbroken ties.

From his promises and laughters,
To the warmth of his soul;
The depth of his voice and him as a whole!

I guess it was just his existence,
The bond we both shared;
How it all started but distance is what prevailed.

But today, there’s nothing I regret.
I just curse that day when we met.

My heart still asks that one melancholy question;
And I wonder what I dread more,

The echo or the answer!


22 thoughts on “Beautiful, but strange…”

    1. No it’s not about getting dumb, it’s about different perspective to understand it.πŸ™‚
      My view to write it was simple; I can’t understand what do I fear more: is it the reasoning for my questions or is it the echo it will cause in my empty heart!
      Also, sorry for late replies. And hope you liked the poem!πŸ’™


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