Among that silence…

Have you ever tried to listen silence
Amidst the soft wind or the roaring waves,
Beneath the light of the shining stardusts;
Or within those souls made of flames.

It tells us beautiful tales,
The things which were left unsaid;
Those letters which were torn and burnt,
And some which still remain unread.

It’s that forgiveness which was never given;
And a “sorry” said too late,
Which could have saved the two,
If they had known it could not wait.

It’s that “I love you” which was left unspoken;
Those beautiful tales of the heart which was left broken.
It’s those secrets that could heal,
With the truths and lies of how they feel.

It’s that good- bye which was said too soon,
That breath taken away under the cold moon.

With those Promises which were never kept…
It was the heart which never felt.

It’s just, that forever which couldn’t last;

The hate,
the love,
and the untamed past.