Trash posting what I found on my notes app

It was 11.36 p.m IST. I was in my room. I got a call, with a dialing code (+1), which surely wasn’t Indian. As I would have done, which is usually declining an unknown number, this time I didn’t. I picked it up not knowing what was up, nothing. Rightfully I said “hello“, and there was a pause. No one said nothing. I asked “umm whose this” and I started to hear someone cry. I didn’t know who she was, I didn’t know what had happened, all I knew was that I’m listening to someone who’s not alright. I again asked whose this and what’s wrong? To which she replied “I can’t“. If it was a normal day, and a normal call I would have definitely disconnected the call already but something about it wanted me to listen, and so I did. I just said I’m here to listen, and she went on. She took almost 40 minutes to express all that she wanted to, cried along and went silent. Not going into the details about the conversation but I did my part that day and she ended the call.

After 3 days, I recieved a text. It said
I would have taken my own life that day, but God didn’t want it that way, he brought me up to you. I will be forever thankful to you. I owe you myself.

Reading a text never made me cry, but this tore me apart. It was something I never imagined to read. I, till today, wonder how it was meant to be this way, a stranger from across the world, how?

After all this, I have learnt a lot unknowingly. Sometimes, it’s just meant to be. Be someone who lends an ear to the one struggling. Look up for people, the world is beautiful, show them the happiness. You won’t realise but your dearest people would be fighting in their lives, mentally, emotionally, anything. It’s better to listen and talk right now than to regret later. Just be there for people who you value. Try to be the bigger person sometimes.

And if you didn’t hear this recently; you, the one, being the part of the collective conciousness, I love you already.

(This is something I would have never posted, and after my blog being dead for a while, this post was surely not meant to be an opener, but sometimes, it is what it is.)

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