How wonderful this world could be…

How wonderful this world could be,
If there were no limitations and all were free;

Without any discrimination of caste and creed,
And no one out there with humanly greed;

With happiness all around,
And grief not found;
With respect for all
And unity during the fall.

But here we see that the differences are brought,
Right from the beginning this is what we are taught;

When fat is too fat and slim is too slim,
When white is over black
And this is where we lack.

Inner beauty is not what all identify;
And looking at this, my heart’s wanna cry.

I wonder, will I ever be able to see a world…
Where there’s peace and delight,
Where we all can unite;

Where beauty is brought with a smile on each face;
Not only me, but this is the world we all would embrace.


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